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Mobile Phone Recycling  РTop Tips

If you’re thinking about selling your phone to one of the many mobile phone recycling companies offering to pay you cash, here are a few tips worth considering:

Before you send:

  • Make sure you wipe your data from your old phone – that includes the memory card. Some phones have a “reset to defaults” which will format the memory
  • Remove the SIM card before recycling your old mobile
  • Check that it’s working. The phone should power up and generally be in working order
  • Take a photo of the phone while it’s working, just so you have proof that all is well
  • Take a note of the serial number. This is known as the IMEI and is required by most of the companies that will buy your phone. The serial number is often inside the phone on a label, but you can get to it by typing in the following as if you were dialling a phone number: *#06#

Sending Back the Phone

In some cases, you’ll be sent a Freepost envelope, otherwise you may be expected to package the phone and return it. Some tips

  • Back the phone carefully in a padded Jiffy bag and make sure it’s sealed
  • Include the appropriate paperwork – in most cases a printout of your Sales Order
  • Tale a photo of the phone and the envelope, to verify packing
  • Think about how to ensure the phone gets there. At a minimum, get a free “Certificate of Posting”, to prove it was sent. To protect phones of up to ¬£30, consider Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, and for more valuable phones, go for Royal Mail Special Delivery

The other options?

Don;t fancy posting off your phone to one of the many phone recycling companies? There are other options:

  • Try selling your phone on eBay
  • Consider your local Cash Converters or CEX on the high street – You can also trade in handsets for other stuff

Got another tip? Let us know below…

2 Responses to “Mobile Phone Trade-in Tips”

  1. ahmin says:

    if the person say the fone workin an thwe fone dosent work will it be sent bk ?

    • SYOM Team says:

      They will normally contact you and offer you a lower price if the phone is not working.

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