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How to trade in your old mobile phone

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Find the best price for your old phone (Use our Mobile Phone Comparison Tool to sniff out the best price)
  2. Pick the recycler that offers the best price for your make and model
  3. Fill in the details on that site, and follow their instructions
  4. Post the phone back (in some cases, they’ll send you a Freepost envelope)
  5. Wait for the cheque or payment to your bank account
Packing our Nokia 6600 for FoneBank

Packing our Nokia 6600 for FoneBank

The phone doesn’t have to be in working order (although this affects the price), and you don’t need to send the charger or manual.

We’ve tried out a few of the main UK phone recyclers, to give you a feel for how the process works, and which company to chooose. See our Phone Recycler List to see how we’ve reviewed so far.

One Response to “How to Trade In Your Old Phone”

  1. rukum uddin says:

    i have one nokia 1100 its a working condition and one nokia x-0 its one also working condition, and i have other one nokia about model im not confim yet and one nokia n97 white which one still im using

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